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Possible Early Murders

Prior to the first murder in this series there were a string of other murders that may have been connected. The first of which was Donna Serra.
 Donna was a 16 year old girl from Ray Township, over in Macomb County. She was about 5'3" and weighed around 110 lbs. She also bore a bit of a resemblence to later victim Jill Robinson. Donna left school around 1:05 pm on Friday September 29th, 1972 over at South Lake High School. It's thought that she was ditching school that day, and decided to hitch a ride to go to the beach for some fun. Hitchhiking in the 1970's was very common back then, ecspecialy for young teens, traveling from place to place. Only on that day she must have been picked up by the wrong man. It'd seem she disappeared without a trace. Just before she'd vanished, she had hitched a ride to a beach over on Lake St. Clair.
 During this time Donna was held captive for several days. It wouldn't be until October 20th 1972, when Donna's strangled body would turn up along the side of a road in Ray Township. Police were baffled and the crime soon went unsolved. A theory the police developed in the case was that possibly the killer joined the military after her murder.
 Reportedly half the case file on Donna is missing and incomplete. There has been practicly no new info on her murder since it was originally investigated, and remains unsolved with no one currently working the case.
 A few years later on January 14, 1976, Cynthia Cadieux a 16 year old girl was abducted off the side of the road. Very early the next day she was found in the snow, beaten, raped, sodomized, and bludgeoned to death. Her nude body was laid out on a rural road in Bloomfield Township. Her corpse had been dragged over the snow covered pavement, and her clothes piled neatly fifteen feet from her body. This Murder would later be attributed to the Oakland County Child Killer, although another man named Bobby J. Anglin was eventually convicted of her murder. For years this murder has been considered unsolved in the media, and stories on the case, even published as unsolved in the book "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" which is about the Oakland County Child Killings.
 Just five days after the murder of Cadieux on January 19, 1976, a teen girl named Sheila Shrock was babysitting when an intruder broke into the house. The man raped, sodomized, and shot her to death. The intruder had been a burglar, who had just finished breaking into several other houses in the area. The entire crime was witnessed by a man shoveling snow off his roof across the street. Just like the last murder this one would also be attributed later on to the Oakland County Child Killer. Again this one was solved, an a man named Oliver Rhodes Andrews was convicted and confessed to the murder. This crime is also listed as unsolved for no apparent reason.

Bobby J. Anglin

Serving time for Cynthia Cadieux's murder.

Oliver Rhodes Andrews

Serving time for the murder of Sheila Shrock.