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The Case (Jill Robinson)

 Jill Robinson was only 12 years old, but already she had a deep horrifying fear. She was scared that someone, a man most likely was going to shoot her. "I know it's crazy,but it feels like someone's going to shoot me." She told her mother. She was then taken to a child psychologist to deal with this persisting fear of hers. One night in December Jill's mother Karol found her daughter on the verge of tears. "I hugged her and held on to her and we both cried." About three days before Christmas on Wed. Dec. 22, Jill had an argument with her mother over who was going to make the biscuits for dinner, and left home on her bike. Possibly to go to her father's house. She never made it there. The last anyone saw of her was around 7:30 at "Tiny Tim Hobby Center".
 The police thought she was likely a run away, and would turn up eventually. As a result the case wasn't worked as an abduction right away. The day after her disappearance, her bicycle turned up behind a hobby store on Main Street in that city. Still the police thought she was likely a run away, and weren't too worried about her. On the day after Christmas December 26, Jill finally turned up. Her body was found along the side of Interstate 75 near Big Beaver Road in Troy.
 Just like Mark it appeared she had been taken care of by her killer. The only difference was that she suffered a twelve gage shot-gun blast to her face. It would appear her fear of being shot had came true. The left side of her head was blown clean off. She was fully clothed and still wearing her backpack. Despite being shot it appeared she died from shock and hemmorhage due to the shotgun blast rather than the actual wound itself. It's thought that possibly Jill told her abductor about her fear, so the killer specifically chose this method of killing her. This change in method confused the police and at first made them uncertain if this was the work of Mark's killer. Also there were no obvious signs that she was molested, but it's felt that the killer may have engaged in some sort of sexual act with her, possibly oral sex.
 The body was placed within sight of the Troy police station, once again, laid out neatly in the snow. The dump site appeared to be chosen deliberately as a taunt by the killer. Almost daring the police to try and stop him. The grisly discovery was made by a passing motorist on his way home to share Christmas with his children. The case was handled improperly due to the original belief that Jill had been a run away, and lots of evidence in her case was lost or accidently destroyed. Neither the state police crime lab nor the sheriff's department crime lab were called to the scene.
 Jill's father Tom Robinson was angry at the police for their handling of the case. "They won't respond to what they consider a runaway for 48 hours, but she wasn't a runaway. She was a kid who got angry and stomped out of the house and got picked up by a creep." At one point during the investigation of Jill's death an officer working the case told the Robinsons that he hadn't even read jill's case file, leading the family to believe the police had given up on solving their daughter's murder. The family still struggles with Jill's death to this day. "It's the small things that get to you. The hardest thing is when someone asks how many children I have and I automatically say three. I can't believe that now it's only two," said Karol.


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