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Other Victims?


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Other Victims?

Thirteen-year-old Jane Allen was abducted on August 8, 1976, while hitchhiking from Pontiac to Royal Oak. Her body was found on August 11 (three days later) floating in the greater Miami River in Miamisburg, OH. Her wrists had been bound behind her back with a torn strips of a t-shirt that were knotted together.body was badly decomposed. It was impossible to tell if she had been sexually molested due to the bad decomposition. The Ohio Coronor's Office suggested that she was dead before being pushed into the river and that she might have died by carbon monoxide poisoning. Her case has never been solved, but was strongly suspected to be linked to the Oakland County Child Killings.
Kimberly King
12 year old Kimberly King (no relation to later victim Timothy)disappeared September 16, 1979 while walking in her Warren neighborhood. She has never been located.
another possible victim was Amy Mihaljevic
Amy was only ten years old, and was kidnapped on October 27, 1989. Her body was later found on February 8, 1990. It was thought that this murder might be related to the older Oakland County Child Killings, and may be connected to other child murders in Ohio in the early 80's. In 1981, Tina Harmon was abducted and murdered, and the golden/nutmeg colored carpeting was found on her body, as well as two other cases, Krista Harrison (1982) and Debra Smith (1983). The three cases all happened in Ohio, like Amy's yet they happened 8-6 years before Amy's murder.